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Winter Updates

No maintenance occurs during a storm cycle. Once the weather passes, both the rinks and nordic are resurfaced.

Nordic Track is a work in progress and we are trying to catch up.

Hot Wax for your skis. Drop of your Nordic skis and they will be ready the next day, Monday thru Thursday.

Hockey rink and pond are touch and go. Please check the schedule for skating and regular maintenance times.


Red Mtn. Classic Pond Hockey Tournament - It was a great event again this year. Thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers. Michelle Lambert, Karen Stock, Tony Lambert, Mark Goldberg and Keith Wohlers. Our title sponsors this year were: Tully's, Last Steep and Irwin Brewing, plus Third Bowl, Chopwood Mercantile and Crested Butte Anglers all donated great prizes. Thank you to the staff, Dan Law, Mike Haddaway, Kris Lynn and Benita Bellamy for all the behind scenes work to pull off the event. And to all the rink supports that advertise on our hockey boards, especially Buckel Family Wines and Alpengardner for their new or renewed ads.

Exterior Lighting - Please make sure you are in compliance with Section 13-114 of the Gunnison County Land Use Resolution and the Dark Sky Initiative. Flood lights need to be angled down at a 45-degree angle so that the light source is not visible from adjacent and/or neighboring properties. Flood lighting is limited and all fixtures need to be down lit and 100% fully shielded. Please take a moment to see if you have light trespassing on your neighbors. No lighting shall be allowed to remain on all night.

Special Area Regulations (SAR) for CB South -

The CB South POA is in the process of updating and amending the existing Special Area Regulations (SAR) which contain the commercial district standards or codes for all developments. The SAR, Special Area Regulations, in addition to commercial requirements, designates CB South as an autonomous special area with-in the County of Gunnison. During a strategic planning process the commercial area was identified as a priority.

The main purpose of amending the CAMP is to update the existing plan to match the economic and sustain ability of the area, create a uniform community vision and attract quality development that will enhance the community of CB South. But most importantly, we are dedicated to creating community character, public gathering places, pedestrian centered design and a real sense of place for the community.

Click here to review the final draft of the Commercial Area Master Plan (CAMP), formerly the SPECIAL AREA REGULATIONS, February 2019

Call for Covenant Amendment Steering Committee (CASC) positions! Do you want to get involved? Do you want to be a part of the conversation on how your community develops its rules and regulations? We are anticipating a Covenant Amendment in the next two years and are looking for Task Force members to begin to plan this important update to the Property Owners Association. If you are interested in participating, have the skills to work in a group setting and can strategically plan, then you might have what it takes to accomplish this important initiative. Please contact Dom if you are interested or would like more information.

Dogs at Large - Unleashed and dogs-at-large are a huge problem in our community. Please remember your dog might be the greatest and friendliest to you, but when they are free to roam or encounter other dogs, aggressive behavior can escalate, especially when other dogs are walking on a leash.

It can be intimidating and dangerous when a dog runs out to greet other dogs and pedestrians. It is unlawful in Gunnison County and a fineable offense by the Property Owners Association.

Book Exchange - Crested Butte South now has a conveniently located Book Exchange in the CB South Post Office building! This book exchange is for book lovers, young and old. Please don't leave books in boxes for someone else to organize.

Improving Forest Health in Extreme Drought Conditions
The CB South POA is providing outreach to, and oversight of, community members and groups who are interested in cutting and removing trees for wood-burning. This is a free service to CB South Property Owners, and all wood cut and removed will be done for free by anyone desiring the wood. It is understood that only dead and sick trees will be targeted for removal by this program. By removing these trees, we will accomplish several things:

  • improved forest health by cutting out sick trees, creating more space and sunlight for younger trees
  • reduced disease transmission by thinning and removing sick/standing dead trees, particularly on vacant lots
  •  reduced fire fuel in the event of continued drought
  • creating a more beautiful forest, which enhances neighborhoods and maintains property values

Remember: All construction, land use changes, exterior changes to your house and major landscaping/dirt work to your property needs Design Review Committee (DRC) or Association Manager approval prior to start. Stop by or call the office with any questions or to pick up a builder's packet.

Construction Hours: Construction activity that is likely to generate noise which is audible beyond the property boundary, such as hammering, sawing, excavation work, and concrete or material deliveries, must be confined to the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sundays, or as may be further restricted by the P.O.A. from time to time. Additionally, the use of heavy equipment is prohibited on Sundays.

Recent Items
2/18--the Janauary 16 Board Meeting Minutes are posted.
2/11--CB South PO Box Rental - updated criteria as of February 2019.
2/10--updated Camp final draft is posted.
1/29--the February Board Meeting Agenda is posted.
1/28--the December Board Meeting Minutes are posted.
1/10--the August 5, 2018 POA Annual Meeting Minutes are posted.
1/9--the January 16 Board Meeting Agenda is posted.

12/20--the Red Mountain Classic Pond Hockey Classic info is posted.

12-18--Amended Conflict of Interest Policy (updated 10/17/18) and the November BOD Meeting Minutes are posted.
12/11--the Hockey and Pond rink schedules are posted.
12/5--the December 12 BOD and December 20 DRC meeting agendas are posted.
12/1--the Special Area Regulations final draft is posted.
11/28--the October Board Meeting Minutes are posted.
11/27--the 2019 Budget, Dues, Building Stats and December 6 CAMP Meeting Agenda are posted.
11/19--the latest DRC Meeting Minutes are posted.
11/13--the June CAMP Meeting Minutes are posted and the Land & Building Stats have been updated.
11/7--the November BOD and DRC Meeting agendas are posted.
11/1--the Nov. 7 CAMP Agenda is posted.
10/24--the July DRC Meeting Minutes are posted.
10/23--the September 12 BOD Meeting Minutes are posted.
9/10--Covenant Amendment Info and the Sept. 20 DRC Meeting Agenda are posted.


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