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Community Garden Plots- Don't wait. Sign up and reserve your plot today.

Barking Dogs - Please be aware that we frequently have complaints from residents about their neighbors barking dogs. This is considered a Nuisance and will be treated as such. So please be considerate, particularly during the quiet hours of 8 pm and 8 am. This is a finable offense and against our noise ordinance guidelines.

Bear Aware: The bears are waking up after their winter hibernation.

  • Don't feed bears and don't feed pets outside.
  • Be responsible about trash and bird feeders. Store all trash in a secure location such as a garage or bear proof container.
  • Clean grills after each use.
  • Keep all bear-accessible windows and doors closed and locked.
  • Don't leave food, trash, coolers or anything that smells in your vehicle.
  • It takes the entire community working together to keep bears wild. Talk to your neighbors. Make bears feel unwelcome by making loud noises. Never approach or corner a bear.

Bus Service schedule can be found on the left hand navigation link.

Design Review Meetings are now on the second to last Thursday of every month at 6 pm. We have streamlined the process to make it easier and faster to get approval!

Remember: All construction, exterior changes to your house and major landscaping/dirt work to your property needs DRC approval prior to start. Stop by or call the office with any questions or to pick up a builders packet.

Recent Items

4/24--Updated Design Reivew Guidelines are posted.

4/21--the March 11 Board Meeting Minutes are posted.

4/8--the April 23 Design Review Agenda is posted.

3/28--New Stats and Mail Box Info are posted.

3/14--the March 19 Design Review Committee Agenda is posted.

3/6--the March 11 Board Meeting Agenda is posted.

1/14--Payment Plan Agreement Form is posted.

1/8--the Janauary Board Meeting Agenda and 2015 POA Budget are posted.

1/5--updated Collection Policy is posted.

1/2--Metro District Transparency report is posted.

12/11--Non-Allowable Items in CB South is posted.

News & Ongoing


P.O.A. Office Closure Dates

Waste Management’s Holiday Schedule for Trash Pickup in CB South

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